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Establishing A Guardianship In Wisconsin

Guardianships allow a person to make decisions for and manage the affairs of another. Guardianships may be brought for a minor or an adult who is not capable of making important decisions for him or herself. Because protecting the financial and legal interests of another carries great responsibility, a guardianship must be authorized by a court.

At W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., our estate planning lawyers assist clients throughout Dane County in preparing all necessary paperwork for petitioning the court to grant guardianship of a minor or adult or requesting a court to protectively place an adult. Contact our firm to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with our estate planning attorneys.

Gathering The Evidence You Need

In protecting a person’s legal and financial interests, our guardianship attorneys will gather evidence and testimony to be presented in court which provides the legal basis for the guardianship position. Establishing a guardianship can be especially important where trust funds are a concern or when a chronic medical condition creates special needs.

Assisting With Your Legal And Financial Duties

After guardianship is granted, the law requires the designated guardian to file annual reports detailing all financial transactions. We help the client prepare and file the necessary legal and financial information on behalf of their ward, which can often involve complex tax and other financial concerns.

Protecting Those You Love

When a guardianship ward needs future financial protection through other estate planning services, the experienced estate planning attorneys at W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., also provide legal advice and representation for trusts, wills and other asset preservation vehicles.

To learn more about petitioning for an adult or minor guardianship, or for protective placement, contact one of our estate planning lawyers to schedule a consultation today. Simply call 608-509-9049.