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Legal Assistance With Wisconsin Adoptions

For many families, adoption provides a way to legally form a family, especially for stepparents who wish to take responsibility for raising a spouse’s children from a previous marriage or a family member who assumes the child-rearing duties for a relative’s children.

Understanding Adoption

The adoption process involves a court proceeding to transfer all rights and responsibilities from a known birth parent to an adoptive parent. By law, the procedures are intended to protect the best interest of the child as well as the parent or guardian’s rights.

In Wisconsin, the parental rights of the birth parents must first be terminated before an adoption can proceed. When a stepparent wishes to adopt a child, only the non-spouse’s parental rights are terminated. Whether a termination is voluntary or involuntary, it will precede the adoption hearing and process. Our experienced adoption attorneys are sensitive to this emotional process and available to assist clients with many types of domestic adoptions, including:

  • Open or closed adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Blood relative adoption
  • Agency or independent adoption
  • Private placement adoptions

Our adoption lawyers also assist stepparents or relatives with certain statutory factors involved in their adoptions, such as the requirement of a home study by a social worker. Like many other family law matters, we understand the adoption process can involve many complex legal issues, and we work to help our clients bring their new family together as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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