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Summary Probate Procedures

At W.R. Stewart & Associates, in Madison, Wisconsin, our probate attorneys utilize our experience and expertise to determine which type of probate procedure is appropriate for your situation.

Summary probate are used for both small estates and for estates whose assets require informal or formal probate. Examples of summary procedures include:

  • Transfer by Affidavit
  • Summary Settlement
  • Summary Assignment
  • Special Administration
  • Termination and Transfer of Joint Tenancy
  • Determination of Descent of Property

These summary probate procedures may be possible in Wisconsin if the value of the estate property is $50,000 or less. Typically, the benefits of summary procedures include quicker transfer of the probate assets and less cost than the traditional probate process.

Unlike a formal or informal probate proceeding, a personal representative may not be necessary for a summary procedure. Additionally, little to no court interaction may be involved. In this way, summary procedures are intended to facilitate a quicker settlement of the probate estate than is typically possible under formal or informal probate.

The probate lawyers at W.R. Stewart & Associates have experience representing clients in Madison, Dane County and throughout the state of Wisconsin in all types of summary probate proceedings. Contact us today to discuss your situation and to determine whether a summary probate procedure can you save you time and expense.

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