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Guidance Through The Probate Process

At W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., in Madison, Wisconsin, we understand that clients have many concerns after a loved one passes away. Our probate attorneys assist families with matters of probate and estate administration to transfer assets following a death either with a will or according to the laws of intestacy when there is no will. From opening the estate until final distribution, our lawyers will carry out the task in a timely and efficient manner.

Our firm also administers estates valued at under $50,000 in summary proceedings, which are much faster and less expensive than the traditional probate process. We are here to guide you through the administration process or handle it all for you.

The probate and estate administration services we offer include:

  • Asset collection, protection and transfer
  • Mediation for property disputes
  • Tax planning
  • Will contests

Our probate attorneys have helped clients in Madison, in Dane County and throughout the state of Wisconsin with probate and estate administration needs. The probate of an estate can be contentious, particularly if a will is not present. Our probate attorneys are experienced at handling the delicate issues of family disputes, and we will work with you and your family to answer questions and provide solutions that are satisfactory to all parties.

If you would like more information about our probate practice, or to schedule a consultation with an experienced probate attorney, contact our team at W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., today by calling 608-509-9049.