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Experienced Condominium Law Attorneys Serving Madison And Dane County

At W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., our attorneys provide high-caliber representation to people and organizations who wish to establish condominiums, as well as of condominium associations who need to preserve their lien rights or amend their declaration and bylaws.

Together, our attorneys have more than 75 years of experience guiding clients through real estate transactions and resolving disputes. We have the experience to help you get the results you need quickly and cost-effectively.

We are a full-service real estate law firm with extensive experience in all types of real estate issues, including landlord-tenant law, real estate disputes, and related issues.

Our lawyers can assist you with the entire process of condominium development. We also represent condominium associations in every aspect of their operations. Contact us today for innovative, personal and effective service.

Representation During Development And Operations

If you are a developer or potential declarant seeking to establish a condominium, or an association or unit owner dealing with rental restrictions, we can clearly explain your rights and responsibilities so you are left with no surprises.

In Wisconsin, a condominium is a form of common ownership of real property. Condominiums are often used as residential properties but can be extended to commercial, industrial, recreational, mixed-use and even vacant real estate.

Each unit of the condominium is owned individually, but the balance of the condominium property, called the common element, is owned collectively by all unit owners. Generally, an association is established to manage the affairs of the condominium. The condominium association can be formed as a profit or nonprofit corporation under Wisconsin law, or as an unincorporated association.

Wisconsin condominium law was changed to require additional disclosures by sellers of residential condominium units. The Executive Summary is one example of the additional condominium disclosure materials required by law. Statutory reserve accounts must also be established for condominium associations, and changes have been made to the process of converting residential property to a condominium. At W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., our attorneys keep up to date on every aspect of real estate and condominium law to protect our clients’ real estate ventures.

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Contact an attorney at W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., to schedule an appointment: 608-509-9049. Whether you are interested in developing a condominium or your association requires high-quality representation, we are well prepared to assist you.