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Skilled Help With Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing or selling a home is likely to be the most complicated real estate transaction most people ever have to undertake. Safeguard your future with an experienced real estate attorney who can protect your family’s investment.

Together, the lawyers of W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C. have more than 75 years of combined experience guiding clients through real estate transactions. We are committed to helping you avoid any surprises – and to protecting you should disputes arise.

Real estate agents cannot provide legal advice or legal representation – only lawyers can. At W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., providing sound real estate law advice is our job. We have extensive experience handling commercial and residential real estate transactions of all kinds, including those involving condominiums. Contact us today for innovative, personal and effective service: 608-509-9049.

Guiding You Through Each Step

Our real estate attorneys work to guide you seamlessly through your real estate transaction and protect your interests at every step. We can clearly explain the process and keep an eye out for any unwelcome surprises that could cost you the deal.

We will clearly explain every aspect of your real estate purchase agreement, such as:

  • Components of the real estate contract, including the original offer to purchase, any counter-offers and any subsequent amendments
  • The offer price, closing date, amount of down payment or earnest money outlined in the purchase agreement
  • Specific conditions placed on the purchase or sale, such as a financing contingency, inspection contingency, or sale of buyer’s property contingency
  • Provisions unique to your property which should be included in the purchase contract

Our legal services can be particularly important for buyers or sellers involved in “for sale by owner” or “FSBO” real estate transactions that do not involve a real estate listing agent.

Important Real Estate Steps

Once buyers submit an offer, sellers can respond by accepting or rejecting an offer or making a counter-offer. If the seller makes a counter-offer, the buyer is then presented with the same options. The counter-offer process can continue until one party rejects the deal or the parties reach an agreement on the terms. At that point, the offer and counter-offers become a legally binding contract, subject to contingencies.

Contingencies must be satisfied before the sale or purchase can proceed to closing. Two common contingencies involve financing and inspection of the property. Our real estate lawyers will work with you to address contingencies as you move toward a successful closing.

In many residential transactions, the seller must furnish the buyer with a Real Estate Condition Report which provides details on various defects or conditions known to the owner. If you are a buyer and you do not receive a Real Estate Condition Report, ask for one prior to submitting an offer. As a seller, it is important to understand just what types of details you need to disclose.

The WB-11 Offer to Purchase in Wisconsin requires sellers of real estate to provide proof of title. We will review the title insurance commitment with you, making sure no prior title problems will resurface when you own the property or upon selling your home.

Contact Us Today

Contact an attorney at W.R. Stewart & Associates, S.C., to schedule an appointment. The process of buying, selling, refinancing, and closing on real estate can be confusing and stressful. We are available to answer your questions about the best time to refinance, concerns over real estate condition reports, and the other issues you might encounter in a real estate transaction.